New Sigma 105mm Macro Lens

Sigma 105mm F/2.8 Macro lens on my Sony A7 camera.

As much as my wallet is wishing otherwise I am trying to build a lens library since I switched to an interchangeable lens camera system a year ago plus getting back into photography. That is the nice thing about having both of my cameras be the same brand. Any lens I get I can use with both my Sony FS700 video camera and my Sony A7 still camera.

Sigma currently has an instant rebate offer on a couple of their lenses through the end of March. One of the ones I have been eying for awhile is on the list so I couldn’t resist. I love shooting macro photography. Macro is where you can get very close to objects especially with small objects. Getting so tight onto things that you don’t normally see in such a way. It can make even the most mundane thing seem very dramatic. I have two macro lenses, a 30mm and a 24mm. The 30mm I can get right on top of something and it will still be in focus. The Sigma is 105mm. Different focal lengths will give things a different perspective. The 24mm and 30mm are wider whereas the 105mm is narrower. This gives me more options for composition when shooting macro. With a 2.8 F-stop the Sigma lens also can be used in low light situations. Plus if I’m shooting longer shots it will keep a nice shallow depth of field.

Slowly I’m building a collection of lenses that are opening up my creative options which is exciting. Especially since I use them both for filming and photography. I am looking forward to using it in my work, my photographs, and my upcoming films.

IMG_6235 copy
Test shot of Lego General Grievous shot with the Sigma 105mm macro lens.

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