Apple Final Cut Pro X Released (Updated)

Apple's Final Cut Pro X

Apple has finally released their new and revamped version of Final Cut Pro. As a long time user of it (going back to version 1.o) I have been looking forward to this for some time. Now the main issue with this version is that it was built from the bottom up. This is not an upgrade to previous versions. It’s an all new version. They talked to a lot of professional editors to know what they wanted in an editing program. Let’s hope it worked.

As with most things Apple it’s wise not to jump in from the get go. It’s best to wait a bit. See what others think. With their new gadgets always wait for version 2. With software wait until there is an update. In this case I’d wait for version X.1. Which will probably be out in a few months.

I must say though after checking out some of the videos, despite people complaining about it and saying it’s too much like iMovie, I have been impressed. Granted I don’t have it yet so I’m only going off the specs and videos on the site. But the way you work within the timeline, being able to edit native files and work with mixed formats within the same timeline, plus a lot of other features does get me very excited about it. And I do like that it’s from the App Store. Download it and install it. If there is a problem and you need to reinstall it for some reason just go to your recent purchases and redownload it. I don’t like that some of it is very iMovie-ish but if it functions well then I can get passed that. I also don’t like that you can’t import old project files. So anything you were doing in a previous version will have to remain there or start it from scratch in FCP X. Although that may change in an update. It does not overwrite previous versions so you could keep both FCP versions on your system while you transition. Still, the option to import older files would be nice. Though I understand why considering the different interface.

While I am more of an After Effects guy for my graphics I must admit that the $50 price tag for the new version of Motion is intriguing. For simple effects and transitions I would use Motion. And for $50 it’s easy to justify it. I love Compressor so I’m looking forward to checking out the new version of that. I’ll probably get that before the other two actually.

So, despite what some initial reactions are let’s wait to see how people feel about it after using it for a few weeks. Only then will we know if Apple did a good thing by rebuilding it from scratch. As an editor I am eager to know that myself.

For more info check out the Apple website or go directly to the FCP section here.


*The above image of FCP X is from Apple’s website and links back to it. I do not own the picture.


A lot of the things I have been reading are discouraging. While there are several things that are amazing there is also a lot that is not. Sort of a 50/50. It sounds like if you are an amateur wanting to move up then this is literally a perfect program. If you’re a professional already then the lack of options is not going to be beneficial. A lot of people are calling this iMovie Pro. While I’d disagree with that I must admit I understand their frustration. I will wait and see what happens with future versions. Currently I am happy with Final Cut Pro 7.

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