Filmic Pro App

I love my iPhone and I love me some applications. Here is one video app that has some very cool features. It lets you shoot at different frame rates. Not slow motion though but you can do fast motion. However my interest was that it can shoot 24p. Granted, I’m sure it’s just a 3:2 pulldown but it looks great. Especially considering it’s on my iPhone. Plus you can lock in the exposure and white balance so it’s not constantly changing. And it has letterboxing so you can shoot in normal 16:9 or 1.85:1 or even (yeah!) 2.35:1. Very cool. And naturally my video below showcases almost none of these cool features. I will be doing some better tests with it. To give you more options when shooting video then you should get this app. I think it is pretty sweet.

Visit the website here.

Here is my video of me walking my puppy Maximus in the 24p mode. I apologize because it is incredibly shaky. But the iPhone doesn’t have a stabilizer and walking a puppy while holding a phone is not going to produce a steady picture.

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