The Music Box Of Horrors 2013

I just realized I never did a blog post right after this. I think I was too busy doing the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge.

IMG_6232As if one 24 hour horror movie marathon wasn’t enough I was lucky enough to have two in October (you can read about the other one, The Massacre, here). The second one was the Music Box Of Horrors which was at my favorite movie theatre The Music Box Theatre. Beginning on Saturday the 19th at noon and going until noon on Sunday the 20th (actually it went to 1:30 so it was even longer than 24 hours!) it is non-stop horror movies and a celebration of the genre. With the exception of one film, which was a restoration so it was okay with me, all of the films were presented in 35mm original prints. For this kind of event that means a lot to me. Seeing actual prints of films is a way of reliving them. It’s pretty special and something I hope doesn’t go away.

So many great films including some older ones like THE BLACK ROOM with Boris Karloff, the bizarre Tony Curtis film THE MANITOU, the extremely … I don’t even know how to describe it POSSESSION, plus A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 DREAM WARRIORS, SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE, TERRORVISION, CHUD, CHILD’S PLAY, a rare print of the zombie film BURIAL GROUND (which was a secret and a huge surprise) and Mario Bava’s TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE.

Another great thing about these events, next to the films, are the guests. Two filmmakers were there presenting one of their films. One was CRAWLSPACE starring the infamous Klaus Kinski with director David Schmoeller in person.

Me with director David Schmoeller after a screening of his film CRAWLSPACE at the Music Box Of Horrors. Yes, he is very tall.

The other guest is a favorite of mine, director William Lustig. I met him a couple years ago when he came for a midnight showing of his film MANIAC. He came back to present the world premiere of the fully restored version of his film MANIAC COP 2. This was the only film presented in digital but that is because he was presenting the newly restored version (which will be on the new Blu-ray release of it through his video company Blue Underground) and it looks amazing. As always he is filled with stories and just a great guy.

Me with director William Lustig after a screening of his restored version of MANIAC COP 2 at the Music Box Of Horrors.

I had a really great time despite still moving slowly because of my broken foot (which is a lot better and healing). As much of an endurance test they are I just love these so much. Plus I did stay awake through the whole thing. It is such a joy seeing these films on the big screen with a theatre full of fans. Until next year!

And one more with William Lustig. This time with my glasses on.


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