Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

Halloween Horror Movie Challenge Day Twenty-Two

Day Twenty-Two – What is the scariest horror movie you have ever seen?

THE EXORCIST (1973) d: William Friedkin

It just so happens to also be my second favorite horror film (the first will be revealed soon though if you know me at all or read this blog then you already know what it is) so this pick was easy. Maybe it’s because I was raised Catholic, and my faith does involve believing in both God and the devil, so THE EXORCIST gets under my skin unlike any other film.

I think everyone knows the story so my recapping it is a bit unnecessary. William Friedkin’s approach to the film, delivering it in a completely straightforward way, gives it a very gritty power and his style gives it a realistic feel. It’s frankness in its depiction of the possession is what makes it so frighting. Showing innocence so corrupted by evil. The battle between good and evil is perfectly portrayed and effective which is why it appeals to both believers and non-believers alike.

I have watched THE EXORCIST I can’t even tell you how many times over the years and it is just as effective every single time. The way it is blunt in the way it shows evil makes it, for me, the scariest film I have ever seen. Or continue to see.


Earlier this year I got a chance to meet William Friedkin. You can read about it here.

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