Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

Halloween Horror Movie Challenge Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen – What is your favorite horror themed TV show?


There have been actually quite a few horror TV series over the years. They’re still going strong with the success of THE WALKING DEAD, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, and SUPERNATURAL to name but a few. I’d have to say that the original THE TWILIGHT ZONE was probably the best but for this I decided to go with a more personal favorite with TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE.

As a kid I remember every Sunday night was TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, an anthology TV series like THE TWILIGHT ZONE where every week is a different story. I always dreaded going to school so Sunday nights meant school the next day. The one highlight was staying up to watch an episode where even the opening (which is below) scared the crap out of me. The episodes ranged from creepy to campy but always enjoyable with so many talented people helming episodes including George Romero, Tom Savini, and even Jodie Foster. Yes, Jodie Foster.

It’s nice to see so many horror shows over the long history of television. Some of them among the best television has to offer. From a personal standpoint, the one thing that helped me with the real life horror of grade school, was having the joy of getting scared in a fun way with episodes of TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE.

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