Halloween Horror Movie Challenge

Halloween Horror Movie Challenge Day Eight

And today’s question is:

Day Eight – What is your favorite zombie film?

DAY OF THE DEAD (1985) d: George A. Romero

I have to clarify again that I am trying not to repeat titles. So if one movie fits another question better then I am going with my runner up as is the case here. If you know me then you know what my normal choice would be but that is only because that film will be showing up later and in a more appropriate question for me.

That being said, I am not by any means settling on the genius that is ‘Day Of The Dead’. It might be my runner up but it is by no means any slouch in its brilliance. In fact, I saw ‘Day Of The Dead’ before I saw ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ or ‘Dawn Of The Dead’. So it has always been a favorite of mine. Maybe without the anticipation or comparison of either ‘Night’ or ‘Dawn’ I was able to enjoy ‘Day’ from the start. I knew who Romero was from my love of ‘Creepshow’ so I was so excited to see this when it came out on video. I was blown away from its depiction of humans grasping on to their last hopes of survival epitomized by the “brains” with the scientists and the “brawn” with the soldiers. Once we’re stripped away it’s all we are. But at the end of the day our two fundamental qualities are no match for the oncoming zombie hordes. Ironically the most “human” in many ways is Bub, the smart zombie. And the one we sympathize with the most.

While my love of another zombie film is unbound (which will be discussed upcoming) my love for Romero’s ‘Day Of The Dead’ is no less immense and personal. It’s the film that solidified Romero’s genius with me. A lot of this film has creeped into my own work as it continues to this day to entertain and inspire me.

It might be the darkest day man has ever known but it is also a masterpiece in more ways than one. And easily one of my favorites. Zombie or otherwise.


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