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Ella Gets Into Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

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I am so excited to announce that the short film I made with Mike Pusateri, Ella Gets A Promotion?, got accepted into the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. We are all so proud of the film we made and it’s great to see it getting accepted. There is more news coming for this film. You hope that when you make a film, even a short film, that it gets seen in front of an audience and luckily this film will be.


My New Feature Film Plus Updates

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First off today is my birthday so I figured it was a good time to announce some things. My two latest short films have been submitted to a lot of festivals all over the world. In fact, earlier this evening I submitted to three more festivals. Fingers crossed! I created a poster for my short film No Witness which was added to the IMDb listing but is also now making it’s official debut below. Outside of a very few people no one knows much about the new feature film. I can finally announce that the new film is called Killer Talk. Now, if you’ve known me for a few years you may be thinking that sounds familiar. Indeed it is. I came up with the original story about 7 years ago. At the time I had debated making it my next film after Distortion but then things change. I would […]