Rest In Peace Wes Craven And Thank You

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Very sad news this evening as we’ve learned of the passing of film director Wes Craven. The creator of such horror classics as The Last House On The Left, The Hills Have Eyes, Scream, Shocker, and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Yes, he created the iconic Freddy Krueger. When I was a kid and my love of film, and of the horror genre, was growing faster than I was height-wise I was surrounded by the films of George A. Romero, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven. I remember seeing Swamp Thing with friends and we were so amazed by it that it is all we could talk about at school Monday morning. I took notice of the director and was both intrigued and fascinated by his then new film A Nightmare On Elm Street. The commercials alone scared me. I saw it right when it came out on video and my […]


The Green Inferno And Movies And Friends Meant A Great Weekend

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So I had a weekend that turned into the possibility of fun to one of the best all year. I spent Saturday with friends watching a bunch of movies. I haven’t been seeing as many (new) movies as I’d like so I tend to catch up on these hang out days. We saw Mission Impossible Rogue Nation which I thought was great. Considering it’s the fifth in the series it’s still fresh and exciting. I think the decision to use different directors and letting them bring their own uniqueness for each one has made a big difference. Up next was the highly underrated Sinister 2. I’m not sure what people are expecting from the film but I thought it was good for a sequel. Then Hitman Agent 47 which was a fun action film. As you can tell I rarely dislike a film. I pretty much like everything. Finally, at […]


Birthday And Update

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I know I haven’t been updating too much lately but because there have been a lot of things going on I haven’t had much time. I will be doing more blog posts and also more videos on everything. I will list a couple key things for now. First, I just had another birthday. So there was that. As I mentioned before I did get a new camera, the Sony FS7 4K camera. As always is the case with a new camera there is a learning curve but since I’m coming from a Sony camera to another it isn’t that big. However, the recording format is new for me so there is some learning there. Mainly how to shoot in it correctly and how to work with it in post production. I’ll be getting into that more soon. I have to say it is definitely the best camera I have ever […]