Nose Hair & Peanuts Short Plays Festivals

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The short film I directed earlier this year, Nose Hair & Peanuts,  has been accepted into not one but TWO film festivals. It’ll make its world premiere at the SoCal Film Fest and play at the Orlando Film Festival. Needless to say Mike Pusateri, the writer, producer, and actor in it, Jennifer Buhrow, the lead actress, and I are overly excited about this. As if all of this wasn’t enough we also got an amazing review at INFLUX Magazine from film critic Paul Booth. Brilliant, suspenseful and achieves two spectacular goals; one it keeps you interested even though you think you know the ending and secondly, it breaks all clichés. Highly original, enjoyable, great writing, ingenious concept and no doubt a film that should begin a run on the festival circuit. Nose Hair and Peanuts is even tied into the dialogue (something only very well written television shows manage to do with purpose). Enjoyable from […]

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10 Movies That Stayed With Me Even If I didn’t Want Them To

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I was tagged on Facebook to do a list of movies that have stayed with you. I thought it was a good idea for a blog post. Plus this enables me to ramble on a little. While the original list calls for 15 movies I decided to take it down to 10 and I tweaked it slightly since the films you could pick for the list could be anything and ones that aren’t ones that were disturbing. However, I went ahead and tried to limit it to only doing ones that did disturb me and stayed with me a lot longer than I may have wanted them to. Though it also led me to be impressed by the films even more. This was actually harder to do than I originally thought because I wanted to make sure the reasons why a film stayed with me was for a specific reason. […]