Lighting Test For New Short Film

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It’s now official I am a couple weeks away from shooting my next short film. Details will be revealed but this will be the first film I’ve written, aside from just directing and shooting, in awhile. I have written other things but most of the films I’ve done in the last couple years are ones that were written by other people. As is evident in the picture I am going for a very film noir look with a warm overtone. It’s an aesthetic I’ve always loved but have rarely been able to do when doing other people’s films. I haven’t done a film project (or any project really) in a very long time that was completely mine. Maybe since I made my feature film Distortion. It is actually a bit more nerve wracking since it is more me than with the other projects but that is also the exciting part. […]


Days Of The Dead Indianapolis

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I ended the month of June going to the Days Of The Dead convention in Indianapolis. My first Days Of The Dead was last year in Chicago. I’m also planning to go to the Chicago one later this year. It’s a great convention and I always have a fun time with friends and meeting all of the amazing guests. This show had two great reunions which were for the Clive Barker film Nightbreed (which was perfect since the new Blu-ray of the director’s cut is coming out in October) and the Kevin Tenney film Night Of The Demons. Plus a lot of people I’ve always wanted to meet including Nancy Allen (Carrie, Dressed To Kill, Blow Out, Robocop) and P.J. Soles (Carrie, Halloween, Rock N’ Roll High School, Stripes) and John Heard (Big, On The Yard, Heaven Help Us, Cat People, C.H.U.D.). Since we were there the same weekend we […]