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Vague Ramblings Episode 1 – Why I Love Movies And Fav Films

The very first full episode of my new video blog Vague Ramblings is live and so it begins. For a first episode I thought it was fitting to talk about how I fell in love with movies plus my top … Continue reading

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Vague Ramblings Episode 0

I started a new video blog I simply call Vague Ramblings. Usually when I talk about things I’ll refer to it to friends as my vague ramblings. I figured it would be a rather fitting name. It’s meant to go … Continue reading

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Meeting Dick Miller

During the Chicago Critics Film Festival they showed the new documentary That Guy Dick Miller which is about actor Dick Miller who has been in countless of films from the lead in the Roger Corman film A Bucket Of Blood … Continue reading

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I Am Now A Purple Belt In Kenpo

I’m sure everyone on my social media outlets are sick of me talking about this but when you accomplish something it can be hard to keep quiet about it. Though it’s never official until there is a blog post on … Continue reading

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Goblin Performs The Suspiria Score Live

Here is something that I never thought would happen. Within 6 months I have seen the Italian group Goblin not once but twice. The first was last October when they toured and did some of their songs and mainly the … Continue reading

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May The 4th Be With You

Today is what has become known as Star Wars Day since May 4th is close enough to “May the Force be with you”. As a life long Star Wars fan I, much like fans everywhere, take great pride in our … Continue reading

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