Day Old Fizzy Water

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Here is a little test video I did with my Sony FS700 camera. Coming off of Panasonic cameras for so many years (HVX200 and HPX170) it’s taking some getting used to with where all of the buttons are and all of the options. So tests like these help me a lot. I had a bottle of carbonated water which had lost some of its fizz but still had some bubbles which I figured would work well visually. I shot part of it in normal speed and part of it in slow motion at 240 frames per second. How can you not shoot water in slow motion? I also kept re-pouring the water and was drying the glass out with the same paper towel so by the third to last shot (which was about the last thing I shot) you can see bits of it swirling around the glass looking like […]


No More G4TV

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Apparently, I’m late to the news desk but G4, the channel that mainly covered video games, is changing into a different kind of network with a much less, if any, emphasis on gaming. I think the reason why I’m late on this is because I actually haven’t watched the channel in years. I watched it all the time when it first came on in 2002. It was a very low budget network but they tried their best to put on the best shows so it was filled with energy and enthusiasm. One of my favorite shows was called Icons and it was like a biography show on different aspects of gaming whether it was a specific game or a game designer or even a period in gaming history. When the channel revamped and became what it eventually became shows like this were gone. I was afraid for good. Luckily, some […]