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Early Video Games And Arcades

I have a fascination with the birth of the video game and the arcade. I think because I was around for part of it (even though I was a wee one), mainly the early 80’s arcade boom and the Atari … Continue reading

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Ferris’ Honda Day Off

Now this is pretty awesome. Honda got Mathew Broderick to do a ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off‘ take off for a commercial for their new CR-V. Lovers of the movie, like myself, I’m sure will dig it.

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Movie Of The Day – Dawn Of The Dead

DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978) d: George A. Romero One of my top three favorite films.

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Movie Of The Day Returns

I decided to bring back an old thing I had on my old blog. I called it the “Movie Of The Day”. It’s basically if I watched a movie that was worth mentioning I would post about it. Sometimes just … Continue reading

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Upcoming Video Copilot Tutorial

One of my favorite websites is Andrew Kramer creates some amazing tutorials on doing very cool things in After Effects. A lot of times tutorials are based around doing graphics that are kind of boring. But if you are … Continue reading

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Universal Restoring Films

I love seeing films restored. The process I find fascinating. Plus seeing the final restorations is just incredible. Universal is restoring a lot of their films and they released this video of some of the work they’re doing. Cool trailer … Continue reading

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Happy Friday The 13th

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