BBQ Baby Back Ribs

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Happy Memorial Day everyone!! A special shout out to our fallen heroes everywhere and throughout history. With family members having served I am very proud and supportive of our military. Please be sure to help a cause that helps our men and women in uniform. There are several out there. One I support is USA Cares. Another thing that comes to mind on Memorial Day weekend is the kick off of the summer movie season. Haven’t seen anything new so I have no comment there. But I did go to a midnight showing of John Carpenter’s ‘Big Trouble In Little China‘ which was beyond awesome. Any chance to see any John Carpenter film on the big screen is a real treat. And finally there is the food. Grilling specifically. My friend Jerry asked me recently about how I make barbeque baby back ribs which immediately made me want them as […]

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Toughest Thing About Making A Movie

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I get asked a lot what I think the hardest part making a movie is especially in the one man way that I do. The answer is almost always – locations. Finding the right location is what I think the hardest thing to do. So many factors go into play there. There is the obvious creative decision to find a place that is what’s either in the script or at least works for the scene(s) you need to shoot. But then there is the technical parts to it as well. Is there power? Is there enough power? Is there enough room for everything you’re bringing into the location as far as people, lights, camera, gear, food, etc.? Is there a time issue? You may only have access to certain locations for a set amount of time. If it’s a business of some kind you might only have a few hours […]


New Site. Same Me.

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This is the new website for me, Richard Diaz. I’m a filmmaker. Film buff. Film geek. A lover and a fighter. Decided to go with a more simpler layout so I went with WordPress which, as some of you know, I use for the blogs that cover my films ‘Distortion‘ and ‘Dark Light‘. I hope everyone likes it. Please feel free to let me know what you like and don’t like. What you want to see on here. As some of you know I have a blog I use just for movie geek stuff, A Gory Place, which I will still continue to use for right now. The goal is to separate things a little. This will be more of a general website on everything going on with me professionally and on occasion personally. That blog will still be used where I gush over movies. Which is not to say […]