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Backdrop In Action

I got to use the new backdrop for a shoot and have to say it worked great! The only thing is I’ll have to double check how to clean it since I know after multiple uses it’s going to need … Continue reading

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New Backdrop

For work shoots we are doing different videos which instead of doing a normal interview set up require a backdrop. I recently bought a normal cloth backdrop but we’ve had issues. So I just bought one of these Westcott Collapsible … Continue reading

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Frankly My Dear I Do Give A Damn

I know this has been out for a few weeks but I still wanted to post it. A picture of the upcoming new RED camera the Scarlet. To say I am eagerly awaiting this camera is about the biggest understatement … Continue reading

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Being Portable

One thing that is my advantage on shoots, both work and film, is to be portable. Part of my “thing” is that I’m basically a one man crew. For the most part doing interviews and B-Roll rarely requires a lot … Continue reading

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Zacuto Great Camera Shootout Episode One

My old boss Steve Weiss of Zacuto is making a massive camera shootout video covering all different kinds of cameras to test them out under different conditions. Part one has just been released. Here is the descrirption: In the most … Continue reading

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Happy Work

I am lucky enough to work in a field that is at least close enough to what I want to do for a living so I’m not pulling out my hair. I’ve done the office job. Had my cubicle and … Continue reading

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