More Pick Ups Videos

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A few recent videos on my YouTube channel Vague Ramblings featuring some very cool additions to the collection (the always growing movie collection) plus an amazing Jason statue.


Why I Am A Collector

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I collect a lot of movie things. I love movies. Probably more than almost anything else. When you love something you like to surround yourself with it. When it comes to movies, posters tend to be one of the main things to collect next to the films themselves. They are the one thing associated with the advertising of a film that people remember so it’s the thing collectors, like myself, gravitate towards. Especially in the days before the internet when sometimes your knowledge of a film was limited to the advertising or what was written up in a magazine. As a kid when I would stand in the lobby of a movie theatre I would look at the poster of a movie that was “coming soon” and the more imaginative the poster the more it sparked not only my interest in the film but my own imagination as well. So […]