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George A. Romero – Thank You For Everything

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The day I hoped would never come has indeed come to be. The passing of one of the most influential people on my life, George A. Romero. When I started film school the teacher went around the room and asked everyone who inspired them the most to become filmmakers. At the time it was the in thing to say Martin Scorsese so most people said him and a few answers were interesting if not obvious. I was the standout because I said George Romero. I have a long list of filmmakers that have inspired me over the years but when it comes to the ones that literally shaped me that list is very short. Indeed a key name on that short list is George Romero. When I was really young I became fascinated by the film Creepshow. I found the graphic novel of it a couple months before the film […]


George Romero Film Trip

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Some friends and I decided to make a trip to Pittsburgh and go check out some locations used in various George A. Romero (one of my idols) films. The main one being the Monroeville Mall where ‘Dawn Of The Dead‘ was made. A lot of these locations are changing so I wanted to see them before most of the recognizable things were gone. Going from Chicago to Pittsburgh is a good 8 hours so the drive was long but once we got there it was hard to hold in the excitement. We stayed at a hotel about 15 minutes from the mall. My room for the weekend. Saturday was mainly the mall. So most of the day was spent at the Monroeville Mall. I tried finding screenshots to try and match up as best I could some of the places. We parked by Macy’s. And under the famous number 30 […]