More Film Festivals For Ella

Great news! ‘Ella Gets A Promotion?‘ has been accepted into not one but TWO more film festivals. It will be playing in Los Angeles at the end of March in the Holly Shorts Film Festival and the North Hollywood Cinefest. Definitely something to be really excited for.


Sorry for the lack of updates but so much is going on so there will be a lot of posts coming plus the new website will be up in a couple weeks.

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Overdo Update

A long overdo update. I’ve been busy with a lot of work and projects plus I had a bad cold which meant not a lot of time for blog updates. While finishing current projects (three total not including my YouTube channel videos) I will then transition to redesigning the website and editing my new reel. So I will be welcoming 2017 with a brand new website.

I also have a lot of catching up to do because it’s been a good couple of months. I’ve met some great people and the plans for next year are so far on track. A lot coming for the new year but before I get there I will be looking back on this past year. Most likely in my YouTube videos which I will also post here.

I’m still around and getting ready for a lot in 2017.

In case you don’t follow me on social media I did meet the legend Alice Cooper. So that also happened.

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A New Website And Portfolio Coming


Over the next couple of months the website will be going through an overhaul. At times it may be offline briefly during the transition.

I have been horribly busy and am finishing up three projects so when they are completed I will be editing a new reel together. It is long overdo. So much to add to it.

As some of you know I will be adding more photography options for hire. I was staying more in the film and video arena but I have had such amazing experiences I have decided to pursue those options as well. There will be a whole gallery of photos added when the new website design is up.

Thank you all for the support. There is a lot going on and I am excited for the new opportunities coming.

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Pick Ups – Herschell Gordon Lewis Shock And Gore Blu-ray Box Set

A special Pick Ups episode featuring an unboxing of the amazing limited edition Herschell Gordon Lewis Blu-ray box set, Shock And Gore, from Arrow Video.

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Happy Halloween


Me with the cast and crew of the underrated Halloween III Season Of The Witch. Photo taken at Flashback Weekend 2015.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have a wonderful spooky time.

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More Pick Ups Videos

A few recent videos on my YouTube channel Vague Ramblings featuring some very cool additions to the collection (the always growing movie collection) plus an amazing Jason statue.

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‘Ella Gets A Promotion?’ Plays All Over The World at Manhattan Shorts Film Festival


Our film Ella Gets A Promotion? is lucky to have been picked as one of only ten films to play as part of the Manhattan Short Film Festival. It was also the only film picked from the U.S. To call this an honor is an understatement. It is simply amazing. The films are shown in over 250 theatres all over the world. Literally all over the world where the audience members vote on their favorite.

Both Mike and I were able to attend the Friday night showing in Chicago at the Wilmette Theatre which was really great. The audience members varied in every way and Mike was able to introduce the film and the festival before it began. I didn’t know much about the other films so it was also great for me to see them. The festival did good (not just by picking our film) because all of the films were really amazing.

I don’t think I realized the full impact initially. Watching all of the other films I was so impressed by them and to see that our little film was with these made it all the more special. As I watched the credits for the films I saw that they all had a decent sized crew. We basically had Mike directing the actors, a PA who helped with a few things, and then me directing the technical which included the camera, doing the lighting, and the audio. We had three crew members basically and our budget was minimal. This made the fact that ours was chosen all the more incredible.

The next day I was seeing all of these photos from around the world of people at different theatres watching the films. For the first time the global aspect hit me. This was very humbling.

Thank you again to the Manhattan Short Film Festival for this honor and to everyone who went out to the theatres, wherever you are, to watch these films. I’m sure I speak for all of the filmmakers when I say it means the world to us.


Mike Pusateri and Richard Diaz in front of the Wilmette Theatre after the Manhattan Short Film Festival with our film ‘Ella Gets A Promotion?’.

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